• AVR toolchain
  • BTnut (and Ethernut a.k.a. Nut/OS)
  • lightblue (on Mac it requires XCode with support for the 10.4u.SDK: in project preferences you need to select gcc4.0)

There are three different ways of programming a btnode:

1. ISP (in-system programming): USB2serial cable->serial cable->AVR ISP -> btnode ISP(J1) input

NOTE: Profilic USB-2-Serial Adapter does not work with AVR ISP

2. bootloader (system programs itself over serial cable, reset button must be pressed): USB2serial cable -> voltage level converter RS232/TTL ([-12,+12]->3.3V) -> btnode UART(J4) input

3. bootloader and application image stored in BTnode XRAM (e.g. over Bluetooth)